Wood Refinishers in My Area

There are a few different ways that you can find wood refinishers in your area. One way is to ask around at local hardware stores or home improvement stores. Another way is to search online for “wood refinishers” or “furniture refinishers” followed by your city and state.

Finally, you can also check the yellow pages of your phone book. Once you have a list of potential wood refinishers, be sure to call them and ask about their experience, pricing, and availability.

If you’re looking for wood refinishers in your area, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, decide what type of finish you want. There are three basic types of finishes: lacquer, shellac, and varnish.

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to do some research before making a decision. Once you know what type of finish you want, the next step is to find someone who can do the job. The best way to do this is to ask around.

Talk to friends, family, and neighbors who have had their wood floors refinished and see if they have any recommendations. If you don’t know anyone who has had their floors done recently, try searching online or in your local yellow pages. Once you’ve found a few potential candidates, be sure to get estimates from each one.

Be sure to ask about the process they use and whether or not they guarantee their workmanship. You should also ask for references from past clients so you can get an idea of their work quality. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find the perfect wood refinisher for your needs!

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Wood Refinishers near Pflugerville, Tx

If you’re in need of a wood refinisher near Pflugerville, TX, look no further than the experts at ABC Wood Finishing. We have over 30 years of experience in the business and can provide you with the highest quality of workmanship and customer service. Whether you need your furniture or cabinetry refinished, we’re here to help.

We use only the best products available on the market to ensure that your project turns out perfect. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Wood Stripping And Refinishing near Me

When it comes to wood stripping and refinishing, there are a few things you need to know in order to get the best results. Here are a few tips to help you out: 1. Know what kind of finish you want.

This is important because different finishes require different stripping and refinishing techniques. For example, if you want a glossy finish, you’ll need to use a different technique than if you’re going for a more natural look. 2. Make sure the surface is clean before starting.

Any dirt or grime on the surface will make it harder to strip and refinish evenly. 3. Use the right tools for the job. Different Stripping And Refinishing products are available for different types of finishes and surfaces.

Make sure you use the right one for your project! 4. Follow the directions on the product label carefully. Every product is slightly different, so it’s important that you follow the specific instructions for the one you’re using.

5., Be patient! Wood stripping and refinishing can be time-consuming, but rushing through it will only result in an inferior finish. Take your time and do it right, and your efforts will pay off in the end!

Wood Table Refinishing near Me

Are you looking for a wood table refinishing service near you? Whether you have a family heirloom that needs to be refinished or you simply want to change the look of your dining room table, there are many services available to help. Before hiring a refinishing service, it is important to understand the process and what to expect.

The first step in refinishing a wood table is to sand down the existing finish. This will remove any wax or polish that has been applied, as well as any scratches or other damage. Once the surface is completely sanded, it will be ready for stain or paint.

When choosing a stain color, keep in mind that darker colors will show more wear over time. If you are planning on using your table regularly, choose a lighter stain so that it will not need to be refinished as often. After the stain has been applied and allowed to dry, several coats of polyurethane will be applied to protect the finish.

The entire process can take several days, so be sure to plan accordingly. Once the refinishing is complete, your wood table will look like new again!

Furniture Refinishing

Furniture refinishing is the process of restoring a piece of furniture to its original condition or appearance. This can be done by stripping off the old finish, sanding down the surface, staining or painting the wood, and then applying a new finish. Furniture refinishing is a great way to save money on expensive pieces of furniture, as well as give an old piece of furniture a new lease on life.

Wood Refinishers in My Area

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How Much Does It Cost to Refinish a Wood Table?

The cost to refinish a wood table can vary depending on the type of wood, the size of the table, and the condition of the existing finish. Generally speaking, refinishing a wood table will cost between $200 and $600. The most important factor in determining the cost of refinishing a wood table is the type of wood.

Hardwoods like oak and maple are more expensive to refinish than softer woods like pine because they require more time and effort to sand and prep before applying a new finish. The size of the table also plays a role in the cost of refinishing; larger tables will obviously take longer to refinish than smaller ones and will therefore cost more. Finally, the condition of the existing finish will also affect how much it costs to refinish a wood table; if there is significant damage or wear to the existing finish, it may need to be completely stripped before being refinished, which will add to the overall cost.

How Much Does It Cost to Strip And Refinish a Dresser?

It costs about $200 to strip and refinish a dresser. This includes the cost of materials, labor, and equipment. The cost of stripping and refinishing a dresser will vary depending on the size of the dresser, the type of wood, and the condition of the dresser.

Is It Worth It to Refinish Old Furniture?

Old furniture can be beautiful and full of character. But it can also be expensive to refinish. Is it worth it to refinish old furniture?

The answer depends on a few factors. First, what is the piece of furniture worth? If it’s a family heirloom or an antique with significant value, then refinishing may be worth the cost.

However, if it’s a mass-produced piece of furniture from a big box store, it may not be worth the investment. Second, how much work does the piece need? If it’s in good condition and just needs a fresh coat of paint or stain, then refinishing may not be very costly.

However, if the piece is in poor condition and needs extensive repairs, that will drive up the cost. Third, are you willing to do the work yourself or hire someone to do it for you? Doing it yourself will obviously save money, but keep in mind that this is a time-consuming process.

And unless you’re experienced in refinishing furniture, you may not get professional results. Hiring someone else to do the work will add to the cost but may give you better results. So there’s no simple answer to whether or not it’s worth refinishing old furniture.

It depends on each individual piece and your own circumstances.

Is It Worth Refinishing a Table?

When it comes to refinishing a table, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is the type of table you have. If it’s an antique or a family heirloom, then it’s probably worth refinishing.

However, if it’s a cheap mass-produced table, it may not be worth the effort or expense. The second thing to consider is the condition of the table. If it’s in good condition with only minor scratches and wear, then refinishing can give it new life.

However, if the table is damaged or heavily worn, then it might not be worth the effort since you’ll likely end up with a less than perfect finish. The third thing to think about is how much work you’re willing to put into refinishing the table. If you’re willing to do all the sanding, staining and sealing yourself, then it can be quite economical to refinish a table.

However, if you’re hiring someone else to do the work for you, then the cost can quickly add up. So ultimately, whether or not refinishing a table is worth it depends on several factors including the type of table involved, its condition and how much work you’re willing to put into it.


Wood refinishers are skilled professionals who can take an old, worn out piece of furniture and make it look like new again. If you have a piece of furniture that is in need of some TLC, then you should consider hiring a wood refinisher in your area. Wood refinishers use a variety of techniques to restore furniture, including sanding, staining, and varnishing.

The end result is a beautiful piece of furniture that looks like it came straight from the showroom floor.

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