Who Owns Double Wood Supplements : A Complete Guide

Who Owns Double Wood Supplements

If you’re interested in health and wellness, you’ve likely come across Double Wood Supplements. This company has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, science-backed supplements to support various aspects of health. However, many people wonder about the people behind the brand. Who owns Double Wood Supplements? In this article, we’ll explore the ownership and background of Double Wood Supplements.

The Founding of Double Wood Supplements

Double Wood Supplements was founded by Alex Sparrow and Evan Hoyt. Both Alex and Evan are passionate about optimizing health and performance through natural means. Their shared interest in cognitive enhancement, physical performance, and overall wellness led them to establish Double Wood Supplements with a mission to provide high-quality, effective supplements to the market.

Who Owns Double Wood Supplements  : A Complete Guide

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Meet the Owners

Alex Sparrow: Alex Sparrow, one of the co-founders of Double Wood Supplements, holds a degree in biochemistry and has a deep understanding of the science behind supplements. His expertise in researching and formulating effective supplement products has been instrumental in the success of Double Wood Supplements.

Evan Hoyt: As a business-savvy entrepreneur, Evan Hoyt has played a crucial role in the growth and development of Double Wood Supplements. His dedication to providing customers with transparent, high-quality products has been a driving force behind the company’s commitment to excellence.

The Commitment to Quality

One of the key aspects of Double Wood Supplements is their unwavering commitment to quality. The owners, Alex Sparrow and Evan Hoyt, are deeply involved in the entire process – from sourcing the finest raw materials to manufacturing and testing the final products. This hands-on approach ensures that every supplement meets the highest standards of purity, potency, and effectiveness.

Why Double Wood Supplements Stand Out

Double Wood Supplements has gained a loyal following for several reasons:

  • Science-Backed Formulations: All products are developed based on the latest scientific research, ensuring their efficacy.
  • Transparency: The company prides itself on providing transparent information about the ingredients and manufacturing processes used in their supplements.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Double Wood Supplements places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and strives to provide exceptional customer service.
  • Diverse Product Line: From cognitive support and mood enhancement to physical performance and overall wellness, Double Wood Supplements offers a wide range of products to cater to diverse health needs.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Who Owns Double Wood Supplements : A Complete Guide

Who Is The Owner Of Double Wood Supplements?

Double Wood Supplements is proudly owned by the dedicated team of founders who are committed to providing high-quality products.

How Can I Contact The Owner Of Double Wood Supplements?

You can reach the owner of Double Wood Supplements through their official website contact form or customer support email.

What Sets Double Wood Supplements Apart From Others?

Double Wood Supplements stands out for its commitment to quality, purity, and customer satisfaction in every product they offer.

Can I Trust The Ownership Of Double Wood Supplements?

Absolutely! The ownership of Double Wood Supplements is transparent and trustworthy, ensuring the highest standards of integrity and reliability.


In conclusion, Double Wood Supplements is owned by Alex Sparrow and Evan Hoyt, two individuals dedicated to offering top-notch, science-backed supplements for optimizing health and wellness. Their commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction sets Double Wood Supplements apart in the world of dietary supplements.

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