How to Style Wood Bead Garland

One of the easiest ways to style wood bead garland is by hanging it on a wall. You can use nails, tacks, or even Command strips to do this. Another way to style wood bead garland is by draping it over a piece of furniture.

This can give any room an instant makeover. If you want to get really creative, you can create a custom garland by stringing together different sizes and colors of beads.

  • Pick out the wood bead garland you would like to use
  • Decide on the style you would like to create with the garland
  • Choose the beads that will complement the style you are going for
  • String the beads onto the garland in the desired pattern or design
  • Hang up your new wood bead garland and enjoy!
How to Style Wood Bead Garland


How Do You Display Wooden Bead Garland?

Wooden bead garland can be displayed in a few different ways. The most common way is to drape it over a mantel or piece of furniture. You can also hang it on a wall or from the ceiling.

If you have a large piece of bead garland, you can wrap it around a tree trunk or column.

How Do You Style Wood Bead Garland?

Wood bead garland can be a great way to add some natural style to your home. Here are a few tips on how to style wood bead garland in your home: 1. Hang it on a wall.

Wood bead garland can make a great wall hanging. Simply use nails or pushpins to secure the garland in place on the wall. Arrange the beads in any pattern you like – consider alternating large and small beads, or creating a geometric design.

2. Drape it over furniture. Wood bead garland can also look great draped over furniture pieces like chairs, couches, or beds. Again, use nails or pushpins to secure the garland in place so it doesn’t slip off.

3. Use it as table decor. Wood bead garland makes beautiful table decorations for parties or other events. Drape it across the center of the table, or wrap it around vases or other centerpiece items.

You could even create place cards by tying them onto each guest’s chair with their name written on them! 4. Get creative! There are endless possibilities for how you can style wood bead garland in your home – get creative and see what looks best in your space!

How Do You Decorate With a Beaded Garland?

A beaded garland is a beautiful and festive way to decorate your home for the holidays. Here are some tips on how to use a beaded garland to add holiday cheer to your home: 1. Drape the garland over a fireplace mantel or banister.

2. Hang the garland on a wall or window. 3. Wrap the garland around pillars or posts. 4. Use the garland to decorate a holiday wreath or Christmas tree.

What is the Deal With Wood Bead Garland?

Wood bead garland is a type of garland that is made from small wooden beads. The beads are often strung on a string or wire, and the garland can be used for decoration. Wood bead garlands are popular decorations for weddings, holidays, and other special occasions.

Wood bead garlands have been used for centuries as decorations. They were popular in ancient Rome and Greece, and they were often used in religious ceremonies. In the Middle Ages, wood bead garlands were used to decorate homes and public places.

Today, wood bead garlands are still popular decorations, but they are also used in jewelry and other crafts. Wood bead garlands come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. The most common colors are white, natural wood color, or stained wood color.

The beads can be round or oval-shaped, and they can vary in size from very small to large. Garlands made from larger beads are usually more expensive than those made from smaller beads. But regardless of the size or price of the wood bead Garland, they all serve the same purpose: to add beauty and interest to any setting!

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Wooden Beads Garland

Wooden Beads Garland is a great way to add a touch of natural beauty to your home decor. This garland can be used as a decoration for your fireplace mantle, stairway banister, or even hung from the ceiling. It is easy to make and only requires a few supplies.

What You Need: -1/2 yard of cotton fabric (preferably in a neutral color) -Scissors

-Hot glue gun & glue sticks -1 package of wooden beads (I used 50mm beads) Instructions:

1. Cut your fabric into strips that are 1” wide and approximately 42” long. You will need between 18-20 strips depending on the size of your beads. 2. Tie each strip of fabric around a bead, leaving about 6 inches of fabric at the end.

3. Once all strips are tied around beads, begin hot gluing the ends of each strip together, forming a circle. 4. Continue until all strips are glued together and you have formed one large circle out of your Wooden Bead Garland!


Wood bead garland is a beautiful way to add style and texture to any space. Here are some tips on how to style wood bead garland: -Hang it from the ceiling: Wood bead garland can be hung from the ceiling for a dramatic look.

-Drape it over furniture: Drape wood bead garland over furniture for a chic bohemian look. -Wrap it around plants: Wrap wood bead garland around plants or vases for a unique touch.

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