What is Made of Wood But Can’t Be Sawed : Unbelievable Secrets

When we think of wood, what usually comes to mind are trees, furniture, paper, and various other products. However, there is a particular item made of wood that cannot be sawed. This mysterious and fascinating object is known as a “wooden nickel.” In this article, we’ll explore the origins and significance of wooden nickels, as well as their unique properties and uses.

What is Made of Wood But Can't Be Sawed  : Unbelievable Secrets

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The History of Wooden Nickels

The concept of wooden nickels dates back to the Great Depression era in the United States. Due to the scarcity of traditional currency, some communities and businesses began issuing their own forms of “money” made from wood. These wooden tokens were often used as a means of exchange and were sometimes redeemable for goods and services.

Over time, the use of wooden nickels evolved into a novelty or promotional item. Businesses and organizations would have wooden nickels created with their logo or a specific message, which they would then distribute to customers as a form of advertising or token of appreciation.

The Uniqueness of Wooden Nickels

What sets wooden nickels apart from traditional coins or currency is their composition. True to their name, wooden nickels are crafted from thin slices of wood, typically imprinted with a design or inscription. While they may resemble actual coins, their wooden nature makes them impossible to saw or cut in the same way one might manipulate a metal or plastic token.

Despite being made of wood, these tokens are often treated and finished to ensure durability and longevity. They serve as a tangible and unconventional form of currency, commemoration, or advertising, capturing the attention and curiosity of those who encounter them.

Uses and Significance

Wooden nickels have found a variety of uses beyond their original monetary purpose. Today, they are commonly employed as promotional items for events, businesses, and special occasions. The distinctiveness of wooden nickels makes them memorable and collectible, serving as unique souvenirs or keepsakes for recipients.

In addition to their promotional value, wooden nickels have also become associated with a symbolic meaning. The phrase “Don’t take any wooden nickels” has entered popular culture as a lighthearted admonition to be cautious and skeptical. It conveys the idea of being wary of deceptive or counterfeit offerings, using the wooden nickel as a metaphor for something that may not hold true value.

Collectibility and Crafting

Enthusiasts of numismatics, or the study and collection of currency, often seek out and trade wooden nickels as part of their hobby. The unique designs and historical significance of these tokens contribute to their appeal as collectible items. Some individuals also enjoy crafting their own wooden nickels, exploring different wood types, carving techniques, and artistic elements to create personalized tokens for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is Made Of Wood But Can’t Be Sawed : Unbelievable Secrets

What Makes Wood Unsawable?

Wood that cannot be sawed is commonly made into paper, and it’s due to its fibrous nature and composition.

Why Is Some Wood Uncuttable?

Certain types of wood, like balsa, are uncuttable due to their low density and structure.

How Is Unsawable Wood Used?

Wood that can’t be sawed is often utilized in making musical instruments, airplane models, and insulation materials.

Is Unsawable Wood Durable?

Though not sawable, wood like balsa is surprisingly resilient and widely used in various applications.


Wooden nickels offer a captivating blend of history, craftsmanship, and symbolic significance. While they cannot be sawed in the same manner as traditional wood, their presence serves as a reminder of creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to assign meaning to everyday objects. Whether used for promotional endeavors, collectible pursuits, or as a whimsical reminder of a bygone era, wooden nickels continue to hold a special place in the realm of unconventional currency and tokens.

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