How to Identify Furniture Wood

There are a few ways to identify furniture wood. One way is to look at the grain of the wood. Another way is to look for markings on the wood, such as a manufacturer’s mark or a stamp that indicates the type of wood.

Finally, you can ask a professional to identify the wood for you.

  • Examine the furniture piece for any markings that would indicate the type of wood
  • If there are no such markings, proceed to step 2
  • Look at the grain of the wood
  • Some woods have a very distinct grain, while others are more subtle
  • Check for any knots in the wood, as these can also be helpful in identifying the type of wood
  • Compare your findings with a chart or guide that lists common furniture woods and their characteristics

COMMON FURNITURE WOODS: Beginner's Guide for Furniture Flipping / Refinishing

How Can I Tell What Kind of Wood My Furniture Is?

When it comes to wood furniture, there are a few ways that you can tell what kind of wood your furniture is made from. One way is to look at the grain pattern on the surface of the wood. If the grain looks straight, then it is most likely made from pine or fir.

If the grain is wavy or curly, then it is probably made from cherry or maple. Another way to tell what kind of wood your furniture is made from is to look at the color of the wood. Pine and fir tend to be a lighter color, while cherry and maple are usually darker.

Finally, you can also try smelling the wood. Pine and fir typically have a stronger smell, while cherry and maple have a more subtle scent.

Is There an App to Identify Wood Types in Furniture?

Yes, there are a few different apps that can help you identify wood types in furniture. One of the most popular is called “Wood Identifier.” This app allows you to take a picture of the piece of furniture and then gives you a list of potential wood types that it could be made from.

Another similar app is “Furniture Finder.” This app also uses pictures to help identify furniture, but also has a search function so you can input specific keywords like “table” or “chair” to find pieces made from certain woods.

How Can You Tell What Kind of Wood You Have?

There are a few ways that you can tell what kind of wood you have. If you are looking at a piece of unfinished wood, you can usually tell by the color and grain pattern. For example, cherry wood is typically a dark reddish brown color with a straight grain pattern.

Maple wood is usually a lighter cream color with a more subtle grain pattern. If you are looking at a finished piece of furniture or another item made from wood, one way to tell what kind of wood it is made from is to look for any stamps or labels that might be present. Manufacturers will often include this information on the product.

Another way to tell would be to consult an expert, such as a carpenter or someone who specializes in antique furniture.

Is There a Free App to Identify Wood?

There are a few different apps that you can use to identify wood. Some of these apps are free, while others may have a small fee associated with them. One app that is free and widely used is the Wood Identifier app from the Forestry Commission.

This app allows you to input information about the tree such as its location, height, and diameter, and then provides you with an identification of the tree species. Another popular option is the Tree ID app from Arbor Day Foundation, which also has a free version. This app contains a database of over 860 species of trees from around the world, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a match for your mystery wood sample.

How to Identify Furniture Wood


Free Wood Identification App

In recent years, the popularity of woodworking has exploded. Whether it’s making furniture, cabinetry, or other wooden objects, more and more people are getting into this hobby. And one of the most important things for any woodworker is being able to identify the type of wood they’re working with.

There are many different types of wood out there, each with its own unique grain pattern and color. Some woods are also better suited for certain projects than others. So knowing how to identify a particular type of wood can be extremely helpful when planning a project.

Thankfully, there’s now a great tool that can help with this – a free wood identification app called Wood ID. This app is designed to help users quickly and easily identify different types of wood based on their appearance. To use the app, simply take a photo of the piece of wood in question and upload it into the app.

The app will then analyze the photo and provide you with a list of potential matches, along with some basic information about each type of wood. So if you’re looking for an easy way to identify different types of wood, be sure to check out Wood ID – it just might come in handy!

Wood Identification App

There are many ways to identify wood, but with the technological advances of today, there is now an app for that! The Wood Identification App allows users to identify over 100 species of wood from around the world. The app contains high-quality photos and descriptions of each species, as well as information on their physical characteristics, geographical distribution, and uses.

There is also a built-in ruler so you can measure the width of a board or piece of lumber to help narrow down your search. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or just a hobbyist, this app is a must-have tool for anyone who works with wood. So next time you’re at the lumberyard or hardware store, make sure to pull out your phone and ID that wood!

How to Identify Wood Logs

Are you looking to identify wood logs? Here are a few tips that can help. First, take a look at the bark.

The bark can give you some clues as to what type of tree the log came from. For example, did you know that cedar trees have very distinctive red-brown bark? If you see a log with this type of bark, then it’s likely a cedar.

Another way to identify wood logs is by their shape and size. For instance, birch logs tend to be long and thin, while oak logs are usually shorter and thicker. By taking a close look at the log’s shape, you may be able to determine which tree it came from.

Finally, pay attention to the grain pattern on the log’s surface. This can also provide some clues as to its identity. For example, if you see a log with a tight spiral grain pattern, then it’s likely a maple.

On the other hand, if the grain is more wavy or random, then the log is probably from an elm tree. By following these tips, you should be able to identify most common types of wood logs. Of course, if you’re still unsure about what kind of log you have, then your best bet is to consult with a professional forester or logger.

They’ll be able to help you out for sure!


Assuming you would like a summary of the blog post titled “How to Identify Furniture Wood”: There are many types of wood used in furniture, and it can be difficult to identify which type is which. However, there are a few ways that you can tell what kind of wood your furniture is made from.

Firstly, look at the grain pattern on the surface of the wood – this can give you some clues as to what type of wood it is. Secondly, try to find a label or stamp on the piece of furniture – this will often indicate what kind of wood was used. Finally, take a sample of the wood to a local hardware store or lumberyard and ask them to help you identify it.

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