Wet Wood Still Burns

Wet wood may not seem like it would be flammable, but it can actually still burn. The water content in the wood will make it smoke more and create less heat than dry wood, but if there is enough of a fire going, wet wood can still catch fire and burn. One way to tell if wet wood is still burning is by looking at the flames.

If they are low and Orange then that means the water is boiling off and the wood is starting to dry out and catch fire. If the flames are high and white, then that means the water is evaporating quickly and the fire is hot.

Even though wet wood may not seem like it would be flammable, it can still burn. The water content in the wood will cause it to hiss and steam when it comes in contact with heat, but that doesn’t mean the wood won’t catch fire. It is important to be aware of this because you may think you are putting out a fire by dousing it with water, but in reality, you are just making the conditions more ideal for the fire to spread.

If you want to extinguish a wet wood fire, use sand or dirt instead.

Wet Wood Still Burns – Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

-Why Does Wet Wood Still Burn

When you light a piece of wood on fire, the water inside the wood starts to evaporate. This process is called pyrolysis. The water vapor that’s produced starts to build up inside the wood and pushes against the walls of the cell cavities.

The pressure from the steam eventually causes the cell walls to burst and release their contents into the fire. The cellulose in the wood cells quickly ignites and helps to sustain the fire. While it may seem counterintuitive, wet wood actually burns better than dry wood.

The moisture content of green or unseasoned logs is usually around 50-60%. When these logs are burned, they produce more heat and less smoke than dry logs because there’s less need for them to go through pyrolysis first.

Wet Wood Still Burns

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Wet Wood Still Burns Meaning

Wet wood may seem like it wouldn’t burn, but it can and does. The water content in the wood doesn’t evaporate quickly enough to keep the wood from igniting. In fact, wet wood actually burns hotter than dry wood.

The water in wet wood creates steam when it heats up. This steam helps to push the burning embers of the fire up and out of the log, which in turn increases the oxygen flow to the fire. The increased oxygen flow makes the fire burn hotter.

However, there are some drawbacks to burning wet wood. First, it takes longer for wet wood to catch fire and start burning. Second, you have to use more wet wood than dry wood to maintain a consistent fire.

And finally, wet wood produces more smoke than dry wood due to all that extra water vapor. Despite these drawbacks, wet wood can be a good fuel source if you know how to handle it properly. If your goal is simply to get a hot fire going quickly, then drywood is probably a better option.

Sarah Jakes Roberts Morning Prayer

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a world-renowned speaker, best-selling author, and business woman. She’s also the daughter of Bishop T.D. Jakes. Recently, Sarah took to Instagram to share her morning prayer routine with her followers.

Sarah begins her day by thanking God for His grace and mercy. She then asks God to guide her steps and help her make wise decisions throughout the day. Sarah also prays for strength, wisdom, and courage – three things she knows she’ll need in order to face whatever the day may bring.

Lastly, Sarah asks God to bless her family, friends, and loved ones. This simple yet powerful morning prayer routine is one that we can all benefit from! By taking a few moments each day to connect with God and ask for His guidance, we can start our days off on the right foot – no matter what challenges or obstacles come our way.

I Need You to Be Okay With Not Everyone Understanding the Grace And Anointing on Your Life

There’s a lot of pressure put on Christians to be “perfect.” We’re supposed to have it all together, always act and speak with grace, never lose our temper, and so on. The problem is, we’re human.

We make mistakes. We get angry. And not everyone is going to understand the grace that God has extended to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.

That’s okay. You don’t need everyone to understand your life or the anointing that God has placed on it. What you do need is to be okay with not being understood by everyone.

As long as you know that God understands you and loves you no matter what, that’s all that really matters.


Even though wet wood may not seem like it would burn well, it can still catch fire and be dangerous. Wet wood is harder to ignite than dry wood, but it can still happen. If you are using a fireplace or campfire, make sure to only use dry wood to avoid any accidents.

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