How to Start a Campfire With Wet Wood

Have you ever been out camping, ready to make a fire, only to find that your wood is wet? It can be really frustrating, especially if you don’t have any dry wood on hand. But there’s no need to worry!

With a little bit of know-how, you can start a campfire with wet wood.

  • If you have a small fire going, add some larger pieces of wet wood to it
  • Wait for the larger pieces to catch fire, then add smaller pieces of wet wood to the flames
  • Once the smaller pieces are burning, blow on the flames gently to encourage them to grow
  • Continue adding small pieces of wet wood until your campfire is as big as you need it to be
How to Start a Campfire With Wet Wood


How Do You Start a Campfire When It’S Wet?

If you’re stuck outside in the wet and cold with only a fire to keep you warm, here’s how to get it going. First, find a dry spot to build your fire. If there’s no dry spot on the ground, create one by clearing away any wet leaves or debris.

Then, gather some small pieces of wood and kindling – twigs, bark, dry leaves, etc. – and arrange them in a pyramid shape over your dry spot. Next, light a match or lighter and hold it to the bottom of the pyramid.

Slowly add larger pieces of wood to the fire as it grows. Once you have a good blaze going, sit back and enjoy the warmth!

What to Put on Wet Wood to Make It Burn?

If you’re looking to get your fire going quickly, there are a few things you can add to wet wood to help it burn. One option is to use kindling, which is small pieces of wood that ignite easily and help larger pieces of wood catch fire. You can also use newspaper or cardboard as tinder, which will help the wet wood light more easily.

If you have a fireplace or stove, you can also use a starter log, which are designed to help light fires quickly and easily. Whichever method you choose, be sure to add these items to your wet wood before trying to light it – otherwise you’ll just be making things more difficult for yourself!

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How to Make a Fire When Everything is Wet

If you find yourself in a wet environment and need to make a fire, there are a few things you can do. First, try to find some dry wood. If there is any wood that is not touching the ground, it’s likely to be drier.

If you can’t find any dry wood, you can use green wood. Green wood is still moist but it will burn if you can get it hot enough. To get the green wood burning, start by making a small teepee out of twigs.

Then light a piece of paper or bark and place it under the teepee. The goal is to get the teepee burning so that the heat will dry out the green wood and then ignite it. Once you have a small fire going, add larger pieces of green wood until your fire is as big as you need it to be.


It can be really frustrating to try and start a campfire with wet wood. You’ve been out all day hiking in the rain, and now you’re trying to get a fire going to warm up and dry off. But no matter how hard you try, the wood is just too wet.

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to get that fire going even with wet wood. First, try using some dry kindling to get the fire started. If you don’t have any dry kindling, you can also use things like newspaper or bark from a tree.

Just make sure whatever you use is small enough to catch easily on fire. Once you have your kindling set up, focus on building your fire in a pyramid shape. This will help draw the heat up into the drier wood at the top of the pyramid and help ignite it.

Finally, be patient! It might take a little longer for your wet wood campfire to get going, but if you follow these steps it will eventually light.

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