How to Get Hard Wood in Prodigy English

If you’re anything like me, then you love to play Prodigy English. The game is so much fun and really gets your brain working. But one thing that can be frustrating is trying to get hard wood.

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s another tree in your way. Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a way to get around that. With just a few simple steps, you can have all the hard wood you need without having to chop down a single tree!

How to get softwood or hard wood in Prodigy English ~!

  • Go to the Prodigy English website
  • Click on the “Products” tab
  • Select the “Hardwood” category from the drop-down menu
  • Choose the type of hardwood you want from the options provided
  • Enter your contact information and shipping address into the form provided
  • Wait for your shipment of hardwood to arrive!

How to Get Softwood in Prodigy English

There are many ways to get softwood in Prodigy English. The most common way is to use the chipper, which can be found in the tool shed. Simply put your log into the chipper and it will spit out softwood chips that can be used for a variety of different things, such as fuel or construction material.

You can also find softwood by chopping down trees with an axe. When you chop down a tree, you will automatically receive some softwood logs that can be used however you see fit.

How to Get Hard Wood in Prodigy English


How Do You Get Softwood in English Prodigy?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the best way to obtain softwood will vary depending on the specific type of tree that you are looking for. However, some tips on how to get softwood in English prodigy include felling trees yourself or sourcing them from a reputable timber merchant. Once you have your softwood, it is important to store it correctly so that it doesn’t warp or become damaged.

To do this, you should keep the wood stacked in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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What are All the Tools in Prodigy English?

Assuming you are referring to the online math game, Prodigy Math, here is a list of all the tools available: -The math game itself which can be played on a computer, tablet or phone -A parent account which allows parents to see their child’s progress and set up notifications

-Teacher accounts which allow educators to track student progress and assign specific math content -A chat feature which allows students to communicate with each other while playing the game – A “Pets” feature where players can collect in-game pets that offer boosts and bonuses

How Do I Get More Acorns in Prodigy English?

If you’re looking to get more acorns in Prodigy English, there are a few things you can do! First, make sure you’re completing all of the daily quests. These usually involve finding and correcting a certain number of errors, and doing so will award you with some extra acorns.

Next, take advantage of the many different activities available in the game. There are grammar exercises, writing prompts, listening tasks, and more. Each activity has its own set of rewards that you can earn, including acorns.

So try to mix things up and do a variety of activities each day. Finally, keep an eye out for special events that pop up from time to time. These often offer bonus opportunities to earn acorns (and other goodies).

So be sure to check back frequently so you don’t miss out!

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Where is the Blacksmith in Prodigy English?

There is no blacksmith in Prodigy English.


There are many ways to get hard wood in Prodigy English. One way is to buy it from the store. Another way is to find it in the wild.

Once you have found hard wood, you can use it to make furniture or other items.

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