Can You Put Solo Stove on Wood Deck

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood deck, you may be wondering if you can put a Solo Stove on it. The answer is yes! However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using your stove on a wooden deck.

First, make sure the area around the stove is clear of any flammable materials. This means no leaves, twigs, or other debris that could catch fire. Second, use a heat-resistant mat under the stove to protect your deck from high temperatures.

Finally, never leave the stove unattended while it’s lit. By following these simple guidelines, you can enjoy your Solo Stove on your wood deck worry-free!

  • Place the Solo Stove on a flat, level surface
  • If using the Solo Stove on a wood deck, make sure to place it on top of a heat-resistant pad to prevent any damage to the decking
  • Fill the fire pit with wood logs, making sure that they are not too close together so that there is room for air to circulate
  • Use a long match or lighter to ignite the logs from the bottom up, letting them burn for at least 30 minutes before adding more wood as needed

Solo Stove Deck Mat

Solo Stove Deck Mat Having a Solo Stove is great for so many reasons. One reason is that it allows you to cook without the use of propane or charcoal.

Another reason is that it’s extremely efficient- meaning less smoke and less cleanup. But one downside to having a Solo Stove is that it can get very hot, making it difficult to use on decks or other combustible surfaces. This is where the Solo Stove Deck Mat comes in!

The Solo Stove Deck Mat is a heat-resistant mat that protects your deck or other surface from the high temperatures generated by your stove. It’s made of durable materials that can withstand repeated use, and it’s easy to clean too- just hose it off when you’re done cooking. The mat also has an integrated carrying handle, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Whether you’re cooking at home or out camping, the Solo Stove Deck Mat will make sure your surface stays protected.

Solo Stove on Wood Deck Reddit

If you’re lucky enough to have a wood deck, chances are you enjoy spending time outdoors on it, soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh air. But if you’re not careful, your wood deck can become damaged by the elements, particularly if it’s not properly protected. Enter the Solo Stove.

The Solo Stove is a small, portable stove that can be used to cook meals or boil water while camping or hiking. But it can also be used to protect your wood deck from the elements. Simply place the Solo Stove on top of your deck and light it with a match or lighter.

The fire will heat up the metal plate on the bottom of the stove and create a barrier between the flames and your decking material. Not only will this help protect your wood deck from damage, but it will also keep any debris or leaves from blowing onto it and causing a mess. The Solo Stove is an essential tool for anyone who wants to enjoy their wood deck without worry!

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Solo Stove Stand Alternative

Solo Stove Stand Alternative: If you’re looking for a Solo Stove stand alternative, there are plenty of options out there. Here are just a few of the most popular alternatives:

1. The Campingaz Bleuet Micro Plus stove is a great option. It’s lightweight and compact, making it perfect for backpacking or solo camping trips. Plus, it’s very affordable.

2. The Esbit Pocket Stove is another great option for those looking for a Solo Stove stand alternative. It’s also very lightweight and compact, and can be used with any pot or pan. 3. For something a little different, check out the Bushbox Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Stove.

This unique stove burns wood, so you can use it as a campfire alternative when cooking in the wilderness.

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Solo Stove Recall

Solo Stove is recalling its Ranger portable camp stoves after receiving reports that the fuel canister support legs can break, posing a fire hazard. The recalled stoves were sold online at from January 2018 through December 2018 for about $130. The affected product is the Solo Stove Ranger with model number SS-GTI-RNGR and UPC code 855249007022.

The model number and UPC are printed on a label on the bottom of the stove. The recalled products have “SOLO” printed on the front of the stove and “STOVE” printed on the side of the fuel canister support leg near where it attaches to the bottom of the stove body. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled camp stoves and contact Solo Stove for instructions on how to receive a free replacement fuel canister support leg assembly, including hardware needed for installation.

Solo Stove Accessories

Solo Stove doesn’t just make the best portable fire pits on the market, they have a whole range of accessories to go with them. From cooking grates and carrying cases to windscreens and lids, they have everything you need to get the most out of your Solo Stove. Cooking Grates: These attach directly to your Solo Stove and allow you to cook over the open flame.

Perfect for campfire meals or even backyard BBQs. Carrying Cases: These durable carrying cases make it easy to transport your Solo Stove from place to place. They come in both single and double burner models so you can choose the right one for your needs.

Windscreens: These attach around your Solo Stove and help deflect wind so you can keep the flames going strong even in breezy conditions. They also help reflect heat back towards the firepit for more efficient burning. Lids: These handy lids turn your Solo Stove into a more traditional fire pit, perfect for use on patios or decks where an open flame might not be allowed otherwise.

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Can You Put Solo Stove on Wood Deck


What Surface Can You Put a Solo Stove On?

When it comes to finding the perfect surface for your Solo Stove, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. The first is that the Solo Stove should always be placed on a level surface. This will help ensure even cooking and prevent tipping.

If you’re using the Solo Stove on a wood deck or other combustible surface, be sure to place it on a heat-resistant pad to protect the surface from high temperatures. As for what type of surfaces are best suited for the Solo Stove, almost any will do! Concrete, stone, brick, gravel, dirt – all of these make great foundation materials.

Just remember to keep an eye on clearance levels if you’re using the stove on something like a decks or patios; you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of room for air flow around the stove.

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Can Solo Fire Pit Sit on Wood Deck?

Yes, a solo fire pit can sit on a wood deck as long as the deck is properly protected and the fire pit is placed on top of a heat-resistant surface. Be sure to check with your local city codes to see if there are any restrictions on open flames before lighting your fire pit.

Can You Put a Wood Burning Stove on a Wood Deck?

Wood burning stoves are a great way to heat your home and save money on your energy bill. But can you put a wood burning stove on a wood deck? The answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know first.

Wood burning stoves get very hot and can easily start a fire if not used properly. Make sure your wood burning stove is installed by a professional and that it is properly ventilated. Another thing to consider is the type of wood deck you have.

Some decks are made from treated lumber which can release harmful chemicals when burned. If you have a treated lumber deck, make sure to consult with a professional before installing your wood burning stove.

Solo Stove Quick Look 2020


If you’re considering using a Solo Stove on your wood deck, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the Solo Stove is designed for use on grassy surfaces – not hard surfaces like decks. Second, the Solo Stove produces a lot of heat and sparks when in use, so it’s important to make sure your deck is properly protected from heat and fire before using the stove.

Finally, the Solo Stove should only be used outdoors – never indoors or in enclosed spaces. With these guidelines in mind, using a Solo Stove on your wood deck can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors while cooking up your favorite meals.

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